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Lyme Disease Testing

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Lyme Disease Testing can be really inaccurate. No Lyme Test is a 100% accurate. The typical Lyme Test your primary doctor gives you known as the Elisa Test is virtually always wrong. If you believe you have Lyme it's imperative to get tested by one of the Testing Labs Below.

I would attempt and locate an LLMD (Lyme Literate Medical Doctor) ASAP. An LLMD will support you select the proper test to order. Plus you will will need an LLMD for treatment anyway.

Lyme Antigen Test by Flow CytometryCentral Florida Research, Inc.342 E. Central Ave.Winter Haven, Florida 33830Phone Number: (863) 299-3232Fax Number: (863) 299-3355www.centralfloridaresearch.comWe prefer the Antigen Test by Central Florida Study (formerly the "Bowen" test by Dr.

Whitaker) which measures the actual microorganism itself. Unlike antibody tests, antigentests aren't dependent upon a 'sick' immune program to produce antibodies, which may or maynot create adequate antibodies to measure.

Lyme Illness Western Blot IGeneX, Inc.795 San Antonio RdPalo Alto, CA 94303800.832.3200650.424.1191650.424.1196 Faxwww.igenix.com

IgG Western BlotThe IgG Western Blot is a qualitative test and is typically far more sensitive and certain than the ELISA, which is a very poor test for Lyme. exposure to IgM Western Blot is a very sensitive indicator of B. burgdorferi. IGeneX is a top quality lab for this test.

Fry Laboratories, L.L.C.15720 N. Greenway Hayden LoopSuite #3 Scottsdale, AZ 85260Toll Free of charge: 1.866.927.8075Phone: 480.292.8560Billing Phone: 480.292.8457Fax: 480.656.4932www.frylabs.com

Fry is a quality lab for co-infections tests such as Babesia, Erhlichia, Bartonella, etc.

MDL Medical Diagnostic LaboratoriesEast Gate Business Center133 Gaither Drive, Suite CMT. Laurel, NJTel (877) 269-0090www.mdlab.com

Check out my Lyme Disease website for more info on Lyme Disease. Lyme Illness Tesing information can be found here as nicely http://www.lymediseaseanswers.com/lyme-disease-testing/

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